Product Care

A Little Help Looking After Your Crumple and Co products!

We try really hard to bring you great designs that will give years of satisfaction and enjoyment. In order to keep these products in tip top condition, please use the following guide to maintain and care for your Crumple and Co furniture and bedding.

Mattress Care

It's really important to look after your new mattress properly in order to gain maximum sleep benefit and longevity from the product. Our Uber Luxe 3000 mattress is manufactured using a combination of memory foam, individual pocket springs and foam encasement & does not require turning. Please rotate your mattress regularly, which will ensure even wear and natural settlement to both sides, left and right. We would also strongly recommend the use of a mattress protector in order to keep your mattress fresh & free from smells and staining (this is a mandatory condition of our 100 day Sleep Trial Offer, should you wish to use it).

Headboards, Beds, Chairs & Stools

All our headboards, chairs, stools and upholstered beds are manufactured to the correct UK fire safety regulations. They are intended for domestic use only. Our fabrics have been chosen carefully, combining great looks with practical longevity, providing you with years of service when maintained regularly.

Our Magic Velvet fabric range comes already treated with a soil repellent finish, negating the need (and cost!) of any 'after market' treatments. Magic Velvet and our House Weave fabric should be vacuumed regularly and occasionally wiped over with a clean, damp cloth. For more extensive cleaning or the removal of heavy soiling or stains we recommend using professional, certified cleaners.

As with all fabrics, it is best to keep them away from direct, strong sunlight as fading will occur.

Bedspreads, Quilts, Throws & Cushions

We would strongly recommend that these products are professionally dry cleaned by a certified cleaning company, as and when required.

To maintain the fabrics appearance, we recommend regular vacuuming of the item.

Wooden Furniture

An occasional wipe over with a damp, detergent free cloth should be enough to maintain your Crumple and Co wooden furniture and keep it looking smart. We do not recommend the use of polishes containing chemicals, as over time, these can alter the finish & appearance of your product. It is also best to keep your wooden furniture away from direct, strong sunlight as fading could occur.

Please bare in mind that wood is a natural product. As such some difference in colour between individual items may occur. Wooden furniture may also display knots, small cracks or splits that are a natural feature of the product and should not be viewed as faults.


Rugs should be regularly hoovered in order to maintain their appearance. For heavy soiling over a period, or to remove a stain we would recommend that the item be professionally cleaned by a certified cleaning company. If a liquid is spilled onto the rug, this should be 'blotted' and not rubbed. Rubbing the rug will damage the pile.

If the rug is to be used on a polished or wooden floor, we would strongly recommend the use of an anti-slip mat, placed between the two surfaces.

Need more help? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

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